Neth3D: An Absolute Tech Revolution

Now your iPhone can be converted to 3D phones. You can now activate this hidden feature and watch Avatar in real 3D, take 3D selfies and play 3D games in your iPhone. Just use the NETH3D iPhone protective case to give your iPhone the ability to display in 3D.

Experience revolutionary 3D imagery and videography from your smartphone when equipped with our cutting-edge 3D technology and bring to life a world that has never before been experienced in brand new dimensions!


3dimage With the Neth3D technology on your phone, you can take pictures and videos in 3D


3dimage View pictures in 3D or play any video with real 3D effects.


Neth3D unveils a game-changing mobile phone cover. It gives you the magical experience of viewing 2D content in 3D.
The 3D screen for 3D viewing with designer case, designed in USA is available in different colors which are Black, Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold or Gold.

Neth3D is a cutting-edge smartphone accessory that would take smart device usage to the next level. You must download our Neth3D apps from the App Store to activate 3D performance on your device. Together with our 3D screen and mobile app, you can
◉ Capture and record stills/videos and view them in 3D
◉ Preview/record real-time events in 3D
◉ Experience amazing 3D views without any wearables

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Say Bye-Bye to the 3D Glasses


With the Neth3D technology on your phone, you can take pictures and videos in 3D! Taking pictures in 3D has become much easier with the Neth3D. See 3D images and videos without using 3D glasses. Unlike other 3D screens, our 3D screen is not electronically activated, hence saving power. Our 3D screen supports both depth 3D and pop-out 3D effects.

Scratch-Resistant Shiny Surface with Pearl Effect


The Neth3D cover is scratch-proof and suitable for hard usage. Its surface is printed with dust paint to give a glamorous glossy look.

Flip Cover or Back Cover


Our range of covers comprises an easy to use back cover. Moreover, it is a multi-usage flip cover with a cardholder.

For All the iPhone and iPad models


We support all iPhone and iPad models in the market in a range of colours.

Double Protected Cover


Neth3D designer case double protects your device with a hard plastic outer cover for heavy usage. It also consists of a soft rubber cover to firmly fit the hardcover, giving extra protection to edges and maintaining the enclosure.

An Innovative Folding Designer Case which Holds the Device in Different Ways


Our innovative patented design is designed to support multiple viewing angles. It is easy to use and gives you comfortable 3D experience without disturbances.

Neth3D Video and Still Real Time Camera


The Neth3D Camera app offers a live 3D preview when used with the 3D screen. By using this app, you can record 3D videos or capture 3D images.

See Your Selfie in 3D


Using the Neth3D app, you can take self-portraits photographs with a 3D effect. This feature will enhance your look for a perfect selfie experience. No matter where you are, snapping a great-looking 3D photo will be quick and easy.

Neth3D VR360 Viewer


Neth3D Player also comes with an inbuilt 3D 360° viewer. You can experience breathtaking, 3D images using the 3D screen in your mobile device.

3D Movie Player


The 3D screen with designer case facilitates 3D viewing of most videos from social media and communication channels such as YouTube, Twitter*, Instagram*, Facebook*, Google+, WhatApp*, Viber*, MMS, etc. The app has access to the internal device storage, and external video storages like YouTube and other Neth3D recorded videos. Furthermore, the Neth3D app can access the devices’ recorded videos like Apple iTune videos (movies, music videos, and users’ videos). Additionally, it can connect to YouTube where you can search any YouTube video and view it in 3D. While playing any of these videos, you can save a 3D screenshot with the provided interfaces. A side-by-side video channel has been integrated to our app for the ease of use.

Pop-Out 3D Games


Play games in 3D, where the characters in the game seen to come out from the display screen.


How to Insert Your 3D Screen with Designer Case Easily

Step 01

Insert the iPhone or iPad in to the designer case.

Step 02

Take-out the 3D filter and place on your screen.

Step 03

Adjust and enjoy.


Follow the instructions to attach the case to your iPhone or iPad easily. Watch our demo video as well.

When you purchase a 3D screen with designer case, you will be able to choose the colour of the case from the front of the box. The back of the box contains instructions and information regarding the product. More information is provided on the inner side of the back cover.

Step 1: Open the Neth3D box and take out the iPhone/iPad case. Remove the case protector. The iPhone/iPad case has the Neth3D Logo on the front, at the top. It also indicates the ideal screen size of the iPhone/iPad (e.g., Infinity 9.7 – This can be used with the iPad that has a 9.7 screen size).

Step 2: Open the Flip which is at the back of the case. You can touch the 3DScreen through the flip viewer. Place the iPhone/iPad safely inside the case by pushing it through the clips at the inner edge of back and tighten them carefully. Pull out the 3D screen slowly from the inside of the back cover as shown. (You may put your finger through the flip viewer on the back to push out the 3D screen.) Then flip it and place it over the iPhone/iPad screen. Finally, tighten the 3D screen using the two clips on the edge of the back cover.

Step 3: You will have to rotate the 3D screen a little, back and forth, using your fingertips, to adjust it for the best 3D view.

The 3D screen can be put back into its original position in the case cover once you have finished the process. (To do this, unclip the 3D screen, flip it, and push it back into its original position in the case.)

Welcome to the mobile 3D world!
How Can We See the World Differently?
Introducing the next generation human experience


Neth3D revolutionizes your daily smartphone experience by integrating the most innovative 3D screen for iPhones and iPads for 3D viewing with designer case, designed in USA.


The range of our apps come with the 3D screen will unlock the doors to new dimensions that you could only fantasize. Download our array of products and transform your daily mobile device into something you have never imagined.