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Neth 3D case

Neth 3D Case is a unique device that could be used to view 3D photography and 3D videography at a heartbeat. Neth 3D unveils the amazing “The Screen” along with its patented screen app; brings to the user the beyond magical experience of viewing any 2D content in 3D Neth3D case will turn any of your mobile phones into a new 3D phone which can transfer all your mobile phone contents into 3D. Experience a new 3D world from anywhere you go by attaching Neth3D case into your mobile phone including 3D photography, 3D movies, 3D 360 videos, 3D mobile applications, 3D mobile interface and many more. This will generate a new 3D world on your palm.

Photography and Videography

Have you ever being availed to the ground-breaking technology of any 2D content being able to be viewed as 3D content? If not be mesmerized by “The Screen” by Neth 3D “The Screen” is released with an application to be downloaded from our website to your phone, which enables the mind blowing 2D to 3D conversion of all content. Currently this case is designed for the iPhones and iPads only. Neth3D is a Complete Package that offers all you need for an absolute 3D smartphone experience

We at Neth 3D gives you a wide array of products to enhance your 3D viewing experience

    NETH3D mobile apps facilitate their users to capture real-time content by the device camera and view them in 3D from anywhere at any time. For capture images and videos, we have developed special application.
    Our 3D devices brings the privilege to their user to capture real world objects and their loved ones to later view them in 3D

How to get this?

Step 01

Purchase “The Screen”


Download the Neth 3D applications from our website


Be availed to the mind blowing 2D to 3D conversion of all content

Special Features

1. You can use your live camera and experience the live video in 3D
2. You can view any 2D images in 3D
3. You can play and watch 2D videos in 3D
4. Play YouTube videos in 3D
5. Experience the Side By Side videos in 3D
6. Experience the 360 degree videos in 3D
7. Able to watch 2D videos as well
8. Introducing the holographic feature to the customer